9 Pinterest Boards for 9 Days Menu Ideas

The people in my family are such carnivores, just the idea of not eating meat for 9 days is tantamount to mourning a death in the family. Fortunately, that is the right frame of mind for the first 9 days of Av, when the Jewish people mourn the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem as well as other catastrophes that have affected Jews throughout history. If like me you have fallen into the pasta and pizza rut for vegetarian meals, here are some Pinterest boards to get your creative juices flowing.Dairy & Pareve Dishes

The first one is my board that I created for Yom Kippur but is great for the 9 Days menu ideas too. It is Dairy & Pareve Dishes suitable for a crowd or just family.

Side Dishes (Dairy)

The pinner Recetas Judías is a must follow for anyone who keeps kosher. Her extensive boards cover every aspect of Jewish living. This Side Dishes (Dairy) board has recipes for mains too.

9 Pinterest Boards for 9 Days Inspiration | Chai & Home

If you think salad is boring, then you need to check out Andrus Fowler’s Salads Pinterest Board. Not all kosher but all look amazing.

9 Pinterest Boards for 9 Days Inspiration | Chai & Home

Rice never looked so good in this Pinterest board devoted to (mostly main) rice dishes.Quiche & Egg Recipes

This other one from Recetas Judías is just Quiche and Egg Recipes. Yum.

Quinoa is a great ingredient for vegetarian and vegan cooking because it is a filling source of protein. Although this board, Quinoa! is not strictly kosher, it has 271 delicious recipes involving quinoa.

9 Pinterest Boards for 9 Days Inspiration | Chai & Home

If you are a soup lover, Laura Davidson’s Soup Pinterest board is a must follow. Not strictly kosher or vegetarian, but inspirational nonetheless.

9 Pinterest Boards for 9 Days Inspiration | Chai & Home

Vegan and Vegetarian are quite different beasts but this Vegan/Vegetarian Pinterest board covers both in this amazingly curated selection of plant-based recipes.

Slow Cooker Vegetarian

The 9 days extends into Shabbat so here are a whopping 529 Slow Cooker Vegetarian recipes to inspire your sabbath preparations. This board is not strictly kosher so check the recipe carefully.



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