5 New and Interesting Products For Passover + Giveaway!

Some really new and interesting products this year for Pesach. Here are my favorites:


I Found The Afikoman TShirt

These make great party favor “rewards” and can motivate participation in your Pesach seder.  I Hid The Afikoman and I Found The Afikoman both from Modern Tribe.


Chabad Passover Assistant

Don’t we all wish we had an assistant to prepare for Passover? Well, thanks to Chabad we have at least a virtual assistant!  Their new app, Passover Assistant, for iPhone/iPad and Android allows you find recipes and plan meals for the entire holiday period as well as manage checklists and shopping lists. There are lots of articles throughout on all sorts of facts and instructions on Pesach rituals and observance.


Mallorca Candle Plate

These plates are way too cute to put candle wax on! Forget the candles and use these little plates for your own DIY Alternative Seder Plate. Adorable. Mallorca Candle Plate from Crate & Barrel.




Emanuel Kiddush Cup Set



One of the prettiest new Judaica products this year is this set of Hammered Nickel Kiddush Cups from Yair Emanuel that I also featured in my Judaica in Hammered Metal post.


Plague Coasters

And now for my absolute favorite product for Passover this year…these The 10 Plagues Coasters from Matanote Stationery. This ingenious product is used during the recitation of the 10 Plagues when we dip our fingers in wine and blot (usually on our plates). They come in gold or silver to suit your Pesach tableware. Here is what a used coaster looks like:

Used Plagues Coaster


To celebrate the introduction of this new product, Matanote Stationery is giving away a whole set (20) of these coasters along with some of their new greetings cards…a $50 value! This giveaway is open to any Chai & Home reader…even international!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is sign up for the Chai & Home email newsletter (there on the right). The email newsletter is the best way to consistently receive Chai & Home posts (and that is all you will receive). Already a newsletter subscriber? You old timers can comment below and let us know how adorable these coasters are.  The winner will be selected at random and will be announced on next Monday, April 7 so enter today!

UPDATE: Mazel Tov to Diane in Hanceville, Alabama for winning the coasters!! May your Pesach table keep the memory of Passover alive for generations to come. 



  • I already get your newsletter but thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. Those coasters would be a BIG HIT during our seder. I was able to check out the Matanote Etsy store too and there are some adorable cards. I especially like the “Sorry for your J-Date Disaster” card ~ too cute.

  • I think that these coasters are a terrifc idea. So much of what we add to the seder is for children. I think that the adults will benefit from them. If it keeps us focused, the message is getting across~and that is what matters.

  • Wow! I love the The 10 Plagues Coasters! What a creative idea and I’m happy to have signed up for your newsletter.

  • I love the coasters! So much better then using the edge of your dinner plate and it’s great for our goyim friends joining us at our sedar. As a Jewish newlywed I love getting your newsletter and ideas for celebrating holidays in our home.

  • First of all, Molly Rosenberg is brilliant!
    Second, the name of her etsy shop is one of the best hebrish puns EVER!
    Third, thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.
    and finally…………..wishing all a pesach kasher v’sameach…………………..

  • I ordered the set of Passover coasters, wanted to make sure that I had them for the holiday. They are so well done, photo doesn’t do them justice. Heavy stock, gold print well executed. Molly included one of her note cards. Card and envelope heavy stock, design crisp and clean.

  • These are fantastic! I love a place to collect the drops of wine/plaques. Especially with kids and guests who may need a bit of direction when dipping fingers in fruit of the vine.

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