6 Fresh Ideas for Rosh Hashanah Centerpieces

Although my Rosh Hashanah table last time was pretty, I wouldn’t say it was really amazing. I did have an excuse: I didn’t actually plan on having a Rosh Hashanah dinner until the day before, but this year I definitely am hosting so I want to up the ante with my Rosh Hashanah centerpiece. Here are some ideas I am toying with.

Cut pomegranate centerpiece

Cut and whole pomegranates on a silver service (Jodi Miller Photography)

It makes total sense to showcase the inside of the pomegranate, which is not only beautiful but reminds us of the many mitzvot we should be striving to accomplish in the coming year. 

Apple Place Cards

Apple place cards (Lev Kuperman)

These apples provide a nice focal point for a table whose plates are stacked at a buffet. Probably only a small, organic apple would work as a big, sterile supermarket variety wouldn’t give the same charm.

6 Fresh Ideas for Rosh Hashanah Centerpieces | Chai & Home

Pomegranate place cards (Melanie Gabrielle / Ruffled)

Like the idea above but you can write right on the pomegranate because it is big and it won’t ruin the fruit inside. This one was written with gold Sharpie

Tiered Fruit Display

Tiered pomegranates with oranges (Keep it Simple, Keep it Fresh)

This one is beautiful and easy. Small apples instead of the oranges would be just as beautiful.

Pomegranate Branches

Pomegranate branches in floral arrangement (Natalie Bowen Designs)

Unripened pomegranates can be used when their skin has pretty shades of pinks and yellows.

Fruit Box Centerpiece

Fruit box centerpiece (Love, Marriage & Baby Carriage)

Easy and perfect for a rustic-y table. These fruit crates can be found at fine crafts stores such as Save On Crafts. I also saw some at Marshall’s recently.

If you want to see even more Rosh Hashanah centerpiece ideas, check out these 5 Gorgeous and Easy Rosh Hashanah Centerpieces or my Pinterest Board Rosh Hashanah: Centerpieces.


  • Your blog is beautiful and this is one of the most beautiful posts I’ve seen! I’ve been searching for Jewish home and decor all day and trying to find modern, elegant ways to do it. I love what you’re curating. Thank you!

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