5 Amazing Things You Can Make With Hanukkah Gelt

Beyond using it for playing dreidel, we all know that Hanukkah gelt is a great decor item as you can use it for vase filler, table scatter, and cupcake toppers, but did you know it is also a great baking ingredient? Since I always buy waaay too much Hanukkah gelt, I have had to become inventive over the years with what to do with the leftovers. Here are my favorite projects for using Hanukkah gelt in cooking. Although many of these were done when Hanukkah was over, they all make great projects during the festival too.

Chocolate Bark

Making chocolate bark out of Hanukkah gelt is darn easy and pretty too when made to look like wood bark. Craftily wrapped, it makes a cute gift.

Tu B'Shevat Hanukkah Gelt Bark | Chai & Home


Icing Cookies

The best part about using Hanukkah gelt for icing cookies is that unlike royal icing, it adds a true chocolate flavor. Combined with the best-ever-chocolate-cookie-recipe, it is just wow.

Chocolate Cookies Iced with Gelt | Chai & Home


Toll House Cookies

You’ve never had amazing Toll House cookies until you’ve put Hanukkah gelt in the Toll House recipe. This picture pretty much sums up the experience…crispy, gooey, chocolate heaven.

Hanukkah Get Toll House Cookies | Chai & Home


Chocolate Fondue

Gelt melts down beautifully, making a chocolate fondue using Hanukkah gelt super easy…plus, there is now a reason to buy those cute butter warmers.

Hanukkah Gelt Fondue | Chai & Home


Dried Fruit Bark

Like the first project but topped with your favorite dried fruit and/or nuts. The maraschino cherry bark didn’t see the sunset.

Four Fruits Bark | Chai & Home


Although I practically consider myself and expert at using old, chocolate gelt, now the thing in my house is Zazzers…those fruity, toffee Hanukkah gelt candies. I’m not sure how to use those but come January, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing what they are like melted.