5 Amazing New Desserts to Make for Passover

Without flour and other chametz, dessert can be the most challenging part of a Passover meal. Here are five amazing desserts that use a variety of new ingredients and techniques for Passover.

– Pareve –

These can’t-believe-they-are-pareve desserts are perfect conclusions to a meat meal.


6 Amazing Desserts to Make for Passover | Chai & Home

What makes this dessert so creamy? You won’t believe it…it’s avocado! Use a pareve cocoa for a meat meal or dairy for dairy. 

See the recipe at: A Better, Happier St Sebastian



Hanukkah Gelt Fondue | Chai & Home

This recipe takes advantage of the fact that Hanukkah gelt, even pareve, melts beautifully and combined with a tart green apple…yum!

See the recipe at: Chai & Home



6 Amazing Desserts to Make for Passover | Chai & Home

The classic flourless chocolate cake but made in the simplest way possible…in a blender!

See the recipe at: Neighbor Food


– Dairy –

If you are planning a dairy or vegetarian meal, any one of the above will work but you can also try one of the following easy but impressive desserts.


6 Amazing Desserts to Make for Passover | Chai & Home

Just when you thought you can’t stand any more matzo comes this cake and the phrase you never thought you’d hear: Can I have more matzo, please? 

See the recipe at: Living Sweet Moments



Eton Mess: The Easiest Dessert Ever | Chai & Home

Desserts don’t get easier than this. Make your own meringues instead of TJ’s for Passover.

See the recipe at: Chai & Home

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