4 Easy Alternatives to the Traditional Seder Plate

No seder plate? No problem! Whether you don’t actually have a seder plate or you just don’t like the one you have, you can easily create a Pesach seder plate with a few basic materials and crockery.

Individual Seder Plate

 A seder plate at each place setting doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Each place setting only requires 5 small ramekins or bowls (6 if you want to place the bone in one). This method is excellent for a very formal seder and keeps the proceedings going quickly as you don’t have to pass the food around.



 Create a chic table runner or centerpiece with a piece of paper and some Washi Tape. You can label the seder items right on the paper or create cute little labels separately. When I bought this Chalkboard Table Runner at Target for $9.99 I was psyched…until I realized it was just a black piece of paper! White Reynolds Wrap, brown packaging paper and Black “chalkboard” paper are the most fashionable but you can also use any patterned gift wrap paper as well.


Another easy solution is to use a platter. Although this long one from Crate & Barrel fits the bowls perfectly you can use a platter of any size and one that will fit your Pesach dinnerware perfectly.


 A slate cheese board is another easy and stylish option. This one from World Market comes with a piece of chalk so you can write the names of the seder items right on it. The rough black texture is great for a rustic presentation.

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So if your seder plate doesn’t match your new look or you never had a seder plate, don’t fret. You can create a seder plate look that will go perfectly with the rest of your Pesach table.



  • This is a great post! I really like the chalkboard idea. Chalkboard items have been popular in home decor and living recently, it’s so obvious how perfect it is for a custom seder plate! This will be my very first year having our seder at home instead of a family members house and even though we have a beautiful seder plate, I might use one of our cheese boards too.

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