10 Amazing Hanukkah Crafts from the Best Israeli Bloggers (and Me!)

10 Amazing Hankkah Crafts from Israeli Style Bloggers

When I was invited to join this Hanukkah blogging party with the best Israeli creative bloggers, I was like, “Little old me?!” The only problem is that I became snowed in up in Lake Arrowhead, without my laptop of course, and missed the first day it was suppose to be published! But, I’m back in sunny LA and here is the amazing collection with plenty of time in the Hanukkah festival to try some of these projects and follow these amazing bloggers.

# 1 – Cupcake Toppers from Shosht Serkis

# 2 – Hanukkah Gift Wrapping from Beekit Studio

# 3 – Noodle Menorah from Misspetel

# 4 – Gelt Printables from  Studio Afifon

# 5 – Menorah Planter from Yeziratili

#6 – Dreidel Napkins Rings from Beautiful Coffee

# 7 – Concrete Candle Holders from Stone, Paper, and Our Hands

# 8 – Shepherd Luminary from Pretty Simple Life

#9 – My Snowy Shtetl from Chai & Home (that’s me!)

# 10 – Building Block & Clay Menorahs from I am on Leave

I highly invite you to check out these blogs. You will find tons to pin and new inspiration not just for Hanukkah but all year around.



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