10 Fun Purim Party Activities for Kids

10 Fun Purim Activities for Kids | Chai & Home

Whether you are having an actual kids Purim party or just want your Purim seudah to go smoothly, having some kids games on hand makes things a lot more fun.  And by fun I mean more fun than the “How many times can I ask mommy for her phone before she gives it to me?” game.

Run a few games in tandem for a big party or sequentially for a smaller party. It’s always a good idea to have a Plan B game ready just in case the kids aren’t interested in the first one. Some of these require a little set up and investment, others you can whip out at the last minute.

Mask Making Station

A craft station is always a good bet especially when you can wear the outcome. The best part of this activity is that it is also a one-stop shop. Most good craft stores will supply blank masks as well as all the trimmings you will need. Get feathers, glitter, glue, beads. pens, jewels, pom poms…anything that looks fun. Here is a shopping list to get you started. Do a few yourself to provide some samples to inspire the kids.

Crown Making Station

Like above, you can also have a crown making station. Create crown blanks and supply with all the same trimmings as above, especially jewels.

Lego Gragger Factory

This is for kids a little older. Bible Belt Balabusta has plans for how to create Lego graggers and what you will need. Just note that the kids will no doubt want to take their gragger home so plan this activity with Lego you are willing to give away.

Coloring Pages

Easy, easy, activity. There are always some kids that are interested in coloring. I think the trick to this activity being generally appealing is providing really fun coloring implements…pens, crayons, glitter glue, stickers, etc.  Attractively display everything with lots and lots of coloring pages. Google purim coloring pages for a million choices. I also like to provide an inspirational sample, as some kids need a little inspiration.


Separate one child from the others and ask the group to come up with a noun (e.g. cat, car, tree.) The separated child returns and must ask a series of yes/no questions using “hamentaschen” in place of the noun, to try and guess the secret word. For example, “Can you ride the hamentaschen?” “Is the hamentaschen big?” The other kids can answer with yes or no only. If the child correctly guesses the word, another child must take their place and the game starts over.

Dress Up Photo Booth

This is fun for both boys and girls and kids of all ages. All you need is one of those indestructible kids cameras (you can use your phone too if you trust your kid with it) and a lot of dress up items…clothes, hats, jewelry, etc. You can go to a charity shop to get some great items. The kids self organize and dress up in different costumes and take their own pictures, with plenty of hamming. Bigger kids can even dress the little ones up and take pictures. The kids delight in their own pictures and you can send the pics to their parents afterwards.

Blind Man’s Bluff

A classic game that is easy to implement. Only a blindfold and at least 4 kids are needed. The best part is it is confined to one room! Blindfold one child and spin them around three times. The other children must move around making noises while the blindfolded child tries to catch them. When the blindfolded child catches another child, s/he must guess who it is. If the child guesses correctly, the caught child takes over as the blind man.

Purim Memory Game

This is an easy game that older kids can monitor themselves once they understand the rules. Place 15 items in a box. These items can be Purim themed (e.g. braggers, masks, etc.) or Jewish themed (e.g. dreidel, etc.) Give the kids a few minutes to inspect the items in the box. Then take the box and out of sight, their remove one or more items out of the box. Return the box to the kids and have them guess what items are missing. The kids have to write down as many items that they can remember from the box before time is up. The player with the most correct answers wins. Provide a prize and do again and again!

Balloon Volleyball

You will need a balloon (or a couple just in case one pops) and a net or a string for the “volleyball net”. Two groups of kids SIT on either side of the net and they punch it back and forth over the net. Just like volleyball each team only gets 3 touches before it must go over. Keep score or not as the kids choose. Everything is funner with a balloon.

Balloon Free for All

It doesn’t get easier than this. Like I said above, everything is more fun with a balloon. Have an assortment of balloons (round, long, bumpy) and let the kids do whatever they want with them. You can have ribbons to tie on and even a helium take if you have older kids to monitor it. Then the real fun starts.

Now for the adults…here are 10 Games To Liven Up An Adult Purim Party!



Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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