Real Jewish Celebrations: Outdoor Seder

Real Jewish Celebrations: An Outdoor Pesach Seder

It is great to be back after such a long break…probably the longest I have ever taken since starting Chai & Home! I went to two seders this Passover, the … Continue Reading →

The 5000 Year Old Egg for Passover

The 5,000 Year Old Egg for Passover

It’s hard to bring something new to Pesach when our people have been doing it for thousands of years. This is particularly true for the boiled egg. But maybe this … Continue Reading →

Finished Bookcover

Passover Craft Project: Haggadah Book Cover

All regular Chai & Home readers will know that the Haggadah I like the most for my family isn’t really suited to the table my mother is going to set … Continue Reading →

Printable Seder Labels

Print Your Own Seder Plate Labels

When I was preparing my post on Easy¬†Alternatives to the Traditional Seder Plate I realized how cute it would be if some of the options had a simple white label … Continue Reading →

10 Things To Keep Kids From Being Bored At Pesach

10 Tips To Prevent Kids From Getting Bored at Passover

  If you have small children you’ve been there…your kid is bored…s/he starts to misbehave…you start disciplining…you get irritated…you feel embarrassed in front of your friends…you look like a bad … Continue Reading →

Baroque Passover Table

Gorgeous Baroque Pesach Tablescape

Within the past year, my mother has treated herself to some new dinnerware in preparation for Passover which is “her” holiday in our family (a family of entertainers jockeys for … Continue Reading →

Quinoa Recipes for Passover

5 Quinoa Recipes for Passover

The year 5774 will definitely be the year of quinoa at Passover. It was only last year that Star-K and the Orthodox Union both declared quinoa kosher for Passover when … Continue Reading →

Plague Coasters

5 New and Interesting Products For Passover + Giveaway!

Some really new and interesting products this year for Pesach. Here are my favorites: AFIKOMAN T-SHIRTS These make great party favor “rewards” and can motivate participation in your Pesach seder. … Continue Reading →

4 Easy DIY Seder Plates

4 Easy Alternatives to the Traditional Seder Plate

No seder plate? No problem! Whether you don’t actually have a seder plate or you just don’t like the one you have, you can easily create a Pesach seder plate … Continue Reading →

Passover Style: Rustic Blue

Passover Style: Rustic Blue & White

This is a classic look I just adore for Pesach this year. Blue and white transferware combined with rustic-y materials like unfinished wood and patinated¬†metals. Featured images: 1/ Wood plank … Continue Reading →