Matzo Ball Soup

Make Perfect Matzo Ball Soup…Every Time

I read a lot about how people have trouble making matzo balls or matzo ball soup. I don’t get this. Matzo ball soup has to be one of the easiest … Continue Reading →

All About the Menorah Infographic

How To Light A Menorah: Infographic

Impress your friends and relatives with your knowledge of the difference between a menorah and chanukkiah and the specifics about how to load and how to light a menorah. They … Continue Reading →

Apple Cider Hot Toddy

Hot Drinks To Hot Up Your Hanukkah Party

One thing I love about winter is hot drinks. For my Latke Nosh Hanukkah Party this year I’m looking for a hot cocktail that can be made in a batch, … Continue Reading →

Brass Menorah

8 Great Traditional Menorahs

Last year I wrote about weird and wonderful menorahs, but this year I’m interested in classic, traditional menorahs. These are menorahs never go out of style and whose shape are reminiscent … Continue Reading →

Silver Star Hanukkah Plates

Bubbe’s Bargains: Star of David Hanukkah Plates

Just when Bubbe thought Cyber Monday was a wash, she found this fantastic deal on a brand-new product.  West Elm just heavily discounted their new Silver Star Hanukkah Plates. This set of 4 … Continue Reading →


What Makes A House A Jewish Home?

I get this question a lot: How can I make my house more Jewish? So in an attempt to answer this complex question, I’ve put together a little photo essay… … Continue Reading →

Washi Tape Menorah In Situ

Washi Tape Menorah: Super Easy Kids Hanukkah Craft

I like to decorate my son’s room for Hanukkah even though the rest of the house is already decorated. This craft project is super easy and all you need is … Continue Reading →

Chanukah Shopping at IKEA

Hanukkah Shopping at IKEA

IKEA probably wasn’t the first place you think of when you want to shop for Hanukkah and that is for a good reason…IKEA doesn’t really have anything for Hanukkah. Generally, … Continue Reading →

Hanukkah: Silver and Blue Pinterest Board

7 Pinterest Boards for Chanukah Inspiration

Pinterest is becoming as essential to the holidays as buying candles. What did we do before Pinterest? I can’t even remember! Here are some great Pinterest boards to peruse for … Continue Reading →

Stripey Chanukah Cookie

Stripey Hanukkah Cookies: Great for Gifting and Getting

I’m still in my black and white cookie phase. Like the Black & White Star of David Cookie I did for Yom Kippur, this cookie requires no advanced cookie decorating skills. … Continue Reading →