Freezer Cooking For The Grill

Summer Time-Saver: Freezer Cooking For The Grill

It is Day 4 of the 2nd Annual A Very Jewish Summer and today My Happily Hectic Life shows us how to save time by cooking ahead, freezing, and then … Continue Reading →

Craft This: Sukkah Lanterns

Craft This: Lanterns For Summer And Sukkot

It is Day 3 of the 2nd Annual A Very Jewish Summer and I couldn’t be happier about having Sara from Creative Jewish Mom on the blog because I’m a big … Continue Reading →

Shabbat Picnic Lunch

Pack A Picnic For An Easy and Pretty Shabbat Lunch

It’s Day 2 of A Very Jewish Summer! Yesterday, Design Megillah showed us how to make our own havdalah candles. Today, I’m showing you how to make an easy and pretty … Continue Reading →

Summer Project: Havdalah Candles

Summer Craft Project: DIY Havdalah Candles

This is the first day of the 2nd Annual A Very Jewish Summer and we start it off with Rita from Design Megillah showing us a fun craft that is perfect for summer and … Continue Reading →

Jewish Recipes Pinterest Board

5 Jewish Pinterest Boards You Will Want To Follow

“I didn’t know Pinterest was Jewish!” Pinterest is for everything and everybody…even men! Although you can find a board on just about anything, finding one that maintains a high standard … Continue Reading →

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Perfect Challah Grilled Cheese Sandwich

In my house I do most of the cooking but my husband makes a few things that are really stellar. One of his signature dishes is a grilled cheese sandwich. … Continue Reading →


10 Products You Can’t Believe Are Kosher

If you didn’t grow up kosher, one of the hardest things to deal with when going kosher is finding alternatives to your favorite products. But here are 10 you won’t … Continue Reading →

Rustic Star of David Ornament

Get Outside And Craft This Rustic Star of David Ornament

This is a craft project I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve seen large Star of David stars made out of branches but I thought small ones would … Continue Reading →

Home Blessing Birkat HaBayit Hamsa

Bubbe’s Bargains: Hamsa Wall Decal

Since the first time I wrote about a hamsa wall decal, there as been a veritable explosion of hamsa wall decals on Etsy. You can get them in all sizes … Continue Reading →


10 Holocaust Movies on Netflix You Haven’t Seen

When I wrote my post 10 Movies on Netflix Jews Should See little did I know it was going to be my most popular post ever…it regularly ranks #1 or … Continue Reading →